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Are you looking to write and tell your story? I am here to proofread, review, and make suggestions for your writing, as you get ready for publication. 

Let's get ready to publish your story your way!

I graduated from Rutgers University with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in English. I am an avid reader and book lover. After a fulfilling 20 year career in the Sales department with HarperCollins Publishers and Simon & Schuster, I took a break from the publishing industry.  I pursued my love of dancing and became an Assistant Dance Instructor, with a focus on partner dancing in West Coast Swing and Hustle.  After a short while, I began to miss working with books more closely, being part of the publishing process from start to finish.  As a Sales Rep, I enjoyed reading manuscripts, having a say about the jacket design, and putting together sales/marketing and publicity plans.  I found great joy in holding a finished copy of a book upon its publication.  This is how I found my way to Savant Books and Publishing/Aignos Publications.  

I enjoy fiction, mystery thrillers & romances in particular, but strive to read more non-fiction to broaden my horizons. 

Judging a book by its cover....
We are taught not to judge a book by its cover. I have to say that when I am looking for my next book, the cover is one of the first things that help me with my choice. Unless they are authors that I read and follow, the book cover is the first thing that draws my attention. If the book cover catches my eye, I will then read the book description, and decide whether I will add the book to my reading list or not.
Romances are one of my favorite genres. While many carry the same theme and share similarities, each book is different in their own unique way. The journey to reach the end is never the same. Characters, circumstances, locations, and covers make them all different.  Covers for many romances also share similarities. When I am looking for my next read, I often ask myself why I choose one title over another. I have to say it again, I first look at the book cover. I wait for the one that grabs my attention. I don't always end up reading that book, if the description doesn't keep my interest. But for the most part, the books with covers that catch my eye end up on my reading list.
How do you choose the next book to add to your reading list? 


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